Eight weeks ago, I joined Romy and many other amazing women on an 8-week programme, designed to empower women to learn how to use nutrition, skincare, meditation and self-love to look and feel AMAZING – from inside AND out.

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I received the most beautiful bespoke natural skincare products, hand-blended to suit my skin (based on a series of questions in my initial consultation via Skype).
I was added to an exclusive Facebook group where I got to “meet” the other participants, watch live updates from Romy, ask questions, get support and share tips.
I loved getting my personalised email every week with nourishment plans, goals to focus on and lots of helpful tips, tricks and guides.

I found the hardest part was actually breaking old, bad habits (like not drinking enough water…) but with an entire group in the same boat as you, there was heaps of support. Everyone wants to succeed (and no judgement if you fell off the wagon – I caved a couple of times where chocolate was involved…).

Anyway, I’m totally converted – I have incredibly sensitive skin and have found it so hard over the years to find skincare products (and makeup!) that I didn’t react to (and then wasted $$$ coz I’d end up throwing out!)

NOW, I look forward to my mini-spa treatment every morning/night and you will too! Round 2 intake starts on 1st July – get to it! You’ll LOVE it ❤

skinspiration beauty elixir

Pink Ribbon Fundraising Results




CONGRATS guys!! This was ALL you!!
Thank you so much for the amazing support – I had a blast and am looking forward to BIGGER and BETTER next year!!

<<< Donations are still welcome, so click the pic and share the love! You won’t regret it xx

I’m not even sure how or where to start, because SO many amazing people made such amazing contributions – I definitely could not have done this with them!
Check out the GOODIE BAG video featuring some of my fave NZ businesses:

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Pink Ribbon Breakfast 2017 with the Foxes

We’re hosting a Pink Ribbon Breakfast and YOU’RE invited!

Come join us on the 18th of May at Mozaik Caffe for a very special breakfast. We’ve got a quiz, photo-props and some amazing prizes to be won, so be prepared to have heaps of fun hanging with some of the coolest chicks (and their minis) that you’ll ever meet.

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It takes a village


Have you ever heard the saying “no man is an island”?

I never really understood it until just recently.
For as long as I can remember, I was so determined to do everything myself and I couldn’t/wouldn’t/didn’t ask for help. It was lots of hard work and I still felt like I wasn’t moving forward, felt like something was “off” – like I wasn’t where I ‘should’ be. It’s a weird feeling that’s hard to describe…stagnant, a bit ground-hog-day (am I showing my age?!) and sometimes a bit lonely. Have you ever been there?

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A very private affair…

If you know us, you’ll know that a traditional white wedding set in a background of a beautiful old church with hundreds of guests…all sounds like something out of a horror movie to us hahaha! In all honesty, we would have loved to elope to Vegas and be married by Elvis! But as that option required too many logistical details and too many dollars (before even bribing someone to take the toddler…) we snuck away quietly and spent our special day focused on just the 4 of us.

We have considered ourselves “married” for pretty much as long as we’ve been together, and have always referred to each other as husband and wife…but on Friday the 24th of March, we rocked on up to Waitakere’s Registry Office and were officially married.
No frills.
No fuss.
No stress.
Well, ok, maybe sooome stress…we were 25 minutes late, thanks to Auckland traffic, I almost chewed off my nailwraps!

We had some very special friends involved on the day (who were also sworn to secrecy), without whom we wouldn’t have been able to pull off the whole thing.


My sister helped tame my hair, and made sure the gorgeous cake from Magnolia Kitchen arrived unscathed.

Bridget and Cara played a huge role in keeping the stress at bay, and were also there with cameras in hand to capture our special day.

Kieran’s best mate flew up from Wellington for the day, and my brother flew in from Sydney for the weekend, so they could both be our ‘official’ witnesses.

We had a really relaxed photo session on Mairangi Bay Beach, mostly of the kids playing in the water and getting caked in sand…

…and then had a chilled family photo session amongst the trees at the local park, where we also had a fish and chips picnic with the families of the friends who had helped us to pull off the elopement.

My bouquet was made of origami flowers – the white flowers feature the drum score from the song that Kieran was teaching me to play (how we first met) and the black flowers are a “chain of hearts” cut and made by Cara’s Creations.

The rings… Kieran’s is black tungsten with laser-engraved stars, to match my engagement ring. Because my engagement ring is such a statement piece, I decided I didn’t need a wedding band, but had to have this gorgeous Stolen Girlfriend double bow ring for the exchange of vows as we “tied the knot”.


Hands down the best wedding we’ve ever been to! 😂