Sangrias. Usually you think of the red sangria, and to be honest, that was the only version I ever made…pretty much just so I could use up red wine (I can’t seem to drink red wine on it’s own!). But one tragic day during the festive season, we almost ran out of booze and all the shops were closed (I know right?!) so we got creative with the very last bottle of wine in our possession. This original concoction has been fine-tuned over the years and is my absolute fave…



1 bottle of Sauvignon Blanc
1/4c Brandy (optional)
1/4c Peach Schnapps (optional)
1 tin of lychees (including juice)
1 punnet blueberries or strawberries
1 lemon
1 lime
1 apple
1 orange
2c apple juice – chilled (we like McCoy’s Pink Lady)
2c lemonade or club soda – chilled
mint leaves to garnish glasses

Combine the wine, brandy and peach schnapps.
Add the tin of lychees and choice of berries.
Slice up the remaining fruit as you like (rounds/wedges) and add it in.
CHILL for as long as possible (24 hours if you’re organised!).
When ready to drink, add in the apple juice and lemonade and stir.
Serve in wine goblets or highball glasses and garnish with sprigs of mint.

Stay tuned though – our RED sangria recipe will be up soon too!


Kitchen Makeover: Part II

Our DIY home reno really is a labour of love…a looong slow labour (Kitchen Makeover: Part I was completed this time 2 years ago!), on an incredibly low budget…

The first eye-sore that needed dealing to were the blue benchtops

kitchen before

We covered them with Grey Slate vinyl [get it here]. Surprisingly not as hard as I thought it was going to be to apply and the vinyl is very forgiving when you need to lift and reposition it. The trick is getting it started right and then the rest will follow easily. I began at the far bench (the least used area, and also least seen area, in case I didn’t apply it perfectly) then worked my way across the kitchen doing the sink area next,   then getting some help from Katja at Vinyl Home to get my tricky curved benchtop looking perfect.

This Christmas, we are stoked to be one of the first customers to use Vinyl Home’s newest product – the self-adhesive tiles! We went with the white/white Subway Tile [get it here].
Prep-work is super important to ensure a lasting application, so I scrubbed and degreased the existing tiles, then we did a final wipe-down with methylated spirits before applying the new subway tiles.

In total, we used 6 packs (of 10 sheets).

kitchen before after

An Enchanted Pamper Party

A pamper party, with bubbly? Um, YES PLEASE!
When an opportunity like this presents itself, you grab it and the bubbly with both hands! I gathered a bunch of delicious treats, invited over some of my fave #girlbosses and we got started on the incredibly difficult job of being pampered…

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#GIRLBOSS – Michelle Beard

New Zealand is a smaaaaall place – 2 degrees separation and all that.
Sometimes life takes you places you never even knew existed. You meet incredible people on that journey, and then wonder how you ever survived without them before!

3 years ago, (holy hell has it been THAT long??) during my time as a stay-at-home/work-from-home mum (running Little Black Fox and Mum Made) I literally fell into the BEST Mumtrepreneur network group, thanks to some wonderful business partners I befriended through Mum Made. From there, I’ve met some AMAZING and inspiring women in business, a lot of whom I now call friends. We love to support local, so many of these ladies are still a big part of our daily lives (and our latest business venture)…

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Microblading in Moo-town


Basically what happened is, back in June, I entered this selfie in competition over at Katrina Williams Feather Touch Brow Design for the title of worst eyebrows…or in my case, NO eyebrows! (That’s Tammy with perfect eyebrows next to me, and Maria lurking in the background also with perfect eyebrows!).
Like so many mums, spending time and money on yourself never seems to rank highly as a proirity, so I jumped at the opportunity but there were so many people entering to win the microblading sessions with Katrina that I kind of wrote it off… Until one night, my Facebook notifications went crazy with people congratulating me for being one of the lucky winners!

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Eight weeks ago, I joined Romy and many other amazing women on an 8-week programme, designed to empower women to learn how to use nutrition, skincare, meditation and self-love to look and feel AMAZING – from inside AND out.

skinspiration beauty elixir romy burgess

I received the most beautiful bespoke natural skincare products, hand-blended to suit my skin (based on a series of questions in my initial consultation via Skype).
I was added to an exclusive Facebook group where I got to “meet” the other participants, watch live updates from Romy, ask questions, get support and share tips.
I loved getting my personalised email every week with nourishment plans, goals to focus on and lots of helpful tips, tricks and guides.

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